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Fastest Feedback

Offering unparalleled insight into how your customers view your business, your products/services, and your employees.

We will help improve your products, services and operations. Next, we will help you bring in more customers and bring them in more often.

Meet our management team!

Jeffrey Klie


Jeff is obsessed with customer insights and how to use this insight to grow your business, reduce churn and create customer loyalty for you.

With over 30 years of experience, Jeff wants to help your business offer the best products/services possible - and he wants to help your business grow more than you ever thought possible.

[email protected]

(814) 795 -6598

Steven Marks

Steve has spent the last several years working on a way for businesses to truly get a significant volume of honest and anonymous customer feedback that is timely, useful and will help businesses grow.  He has succeeded!

Steve heads up our Support team and is the genius behind the operations. 

Jay Barry

Sales Director

Jay is best described as a serial entrepreneur. He has owned a funeral home, a car dealership, an antiques business, an LED lighting distributorship, and a technological consulting business.

Jay has held numerous sales and management positions. Jay uses his years of expertise to head up our sales team and has a solution to help any business, in any way.

[email protected]

(717) 314 -0628

John Montgomery

National Sales Manager

For 30 years, John has been helping businesses find solutions, grow their business, retain customers, and reach their targeted audience. 

 If you need help communicating with your customers, finding new clients or making your current base happy then John has the answers that you need.

[email protected]

(814) 494-6044

Jim Tropp

National Solutions Expert

Jim has been in the business world for over 40 years with extensive experience as a consultant. Jim wants to help you increase your customer base, increase customer satisfaction, increase customer spend and increase your profits.  

As our National Solutions Expert, Jim brings the experience and expertise that few others could ever offer.

[email protected]

(908) 565- 1964

Kelly Burris

National Sales Manager

Kelly is driven to help awesome business owners thrive! Kelly will show you how to create efficiencies, scale your business, communicate with your customers, heighten the customer experience, reduce customer attrition, and offer the best service possible to your clients.

Kelly's can-do attitude, energy and know-how will help your business reach its full potential. 

[email protected]

(262) 412- 9488

The Fastest Feedback service is simply the most effective tool for businesses to reduce customer churn, expand their base, increase the quality of customer experience, and create long lasting stability.  

Every serious business owner wants to know what their customers think.  We give you that information and much more.

If you want to know what your customers TRULY think about your business, staff, service, products, pricing, parking or anything else - then we will get over 50% of your customers to respond honestly, anonymously and in real time.

Need to communicate with your customers? Need to reach more customers? 

We offer Text Message Marketing and more!  Contact our team to learn ALL of the ways that we can help your business grow!

[email protected]

(814) 795-6598

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