Get The Most Out Of Your QR Code!

We offer many promotional items to support sharing your new QR code.  From table tents to coasters, let us help you get your code in front of your customers.

What Do You Need?

Consider at which point in the experience you'd like to get feedback from your customers - if you'd like to give them the opportunity to give feedback at any time during their visit, then table tents, paper coasters, or menus work  great.

If you prefer a push to get feedback at the end of the customer's experience or to send marketing items with them, then business cards or rack cards can be given to the customers.

Product Offerings

We have a selection of items that help you promote your business and display the QR code!
Have other ideas? Fill out the form below to let us know what you're interested in and we'll work with you.

Single-Sided Business Cards

Business cards are a low cost, low profile way to circulate your QR code.

Double-Sided Business Cards

Have, or NEED,  a QR code touchless menu?  Use double sided business cards to have one side show off your menu and the other your Fastest Feedback QR code.

Not Sure How To Display Your QR Code?

We offer Card holders for tables at $5.99 each.
No minimum if ordered with business cards.

Paper Coasters

Paper coasters are a great utility item that serves a physically functional purpose while giving your customer a chance to give feedback at any point in their experience.

Rack Cards

  Enjoy physical menus? We have one sided menus that can hold your QR code for feedback at any time.

Single or Double-Sided Menus

Have a lot of menu items and need both sides?
We can add a back side for an additional $10 per/50.

Not Sure How To Display Your Menus?

We offer brochure holders for $8 each.
No minimum if ordered along with Menu or Rack cards.

Double-Sided Table Tents

Table tents are a classic way to display QR codes while promoting new menu items, events, or specials.